Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Life has been so good to me.

I was in a fog for a little while..feeling kinda blah down, boring & just confused on some things. I knew I needed to take a new approach at each and I started that process today. I found a great job at a day care center & received a calling at church to help out with girls who will be graduating high school this year. I will be able to kind of mentor them about 'our age' struggles and the process of going off to college and such. I am thrilled; honored, really. I love giving advice, it is the profession I want to take on one day. I know they also have a lot of questions about my health problems that I am more than willing to be so open and answer. I haven't really had a chance to put it out there in the open besides on this blog. I have pictures but feel they could frighten or 'offend' some people. I'm sure I will one day. I have my FIRST check up since Chemotherapy this week. I have to do a MRI & PET scan. Last scans were a blur to me, but now that it's my reality I am a bit more nervous. Although I feel like they each were meditating & I came out with a good nap, I am pretttttty scared for the results this time. I pray all goes well and know after what I have been through I can go through anything. Pain is nothing. I slipped and fell on a huge rock on a hike in Hawaii on my bad leg and just laughed at how bad it hurt. The next day my foot swelling to where I couldn't fit it in my boot! BUT anywayyy I am just really excited on every (most) factor in my life.

Hawaii was brain never stops thinking about it. I will post some pictures below!! My sister comes home from her mission in exactly THREE months. The time has flown by! I can tell through her 3 sentence emails that she is dedicating every minute left to serving. She has had an outstanding time and has touched so many lives. She has made a huge influence on people down there. I know this for a fact because she is PAIGE CONLEY. No, but really some of her investigators have facebooked me ranting and raving about how much they love Hermana Conley. Thats about all I get from there 'somewhat English' I always respond with te amo Conley, cause thats about all I know of the Spanish Language. That should change.

       I am excited for the rest of 2011. A lot of changes will be happening and I am ready for a great year(:
anyway here is Hawaii, me in Hawaii.
book a flight.

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