Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I will updating the theme & look of my blog here very soon, very very soon.

My bestest friend in the WHOLE world is coming to visit me on friday!!! I couldn't feel anymore excited than I do now. Rachel Palmer is her name. She goes to Ohio State, studying psychology. I call her rae, raebee or rrrrriideeeitdan, that's an inside joke I prefer to not expand on, at least not right now (HA) We have a lot of plans for a short amount of time & I CAN NOT WAIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Including a BFF photoshooottt!!! We are pretty much the same person, same brain, same heart. & if this makes sense sometimes I feel like she understand me more than I understand my own self...?

Okay I also am getting a kitten. Not to own but to borrow.... i'll give it back... is that bad? I do not get attached easily.. I think. I don't care I am so excited I have wanted a little puff-ball kitten since I was four.

I am back to my hostess job at Coal Vines Pizza& Wine, in Southlake. I am so happy to be a member of this crew. I have the best Boss and co-workers anyone could ever ask for. When going through this rough time of Skin Cancer & everything that comes along with it, they couldn't have been a better support system; constantly checking in on me, covering my shifts, and sending me love & prayers.

I am ALMOST done with my application to Hawaiiiiiii(: SO excited, for many many many reasons.
& you know If I don't get in... then it wasn't meant to be & I have plenty of other options up my sleeve of where I would absolutely love to finish my degree.

I officially know what field of Social Work I want to go into. I recently have become addicted to this show called Lock Up on MSNBC. It only comes on, on the weekends. I should file a complaint. Maybe it's for the better.... addictions are never good.. especially the kinds you see on TLC's 'Strange Addictions.' What's even worse is when I come across a case where I struggle with the urge to do the same... such as eating chalk.
I shouldn't share these things on a public blog.
Anyway, I want to go into Counseling/Mentoring the Mentally Disordered at a Juvenile Detention center possibly in the south, well really anywhere is fine with me, besides Idaho. I really have a place in my heart for these children & teenagers. I have not decided what age group or sex I would like to work with but it is a passion of mine to make a difference in the lives of these kids. Most of them grow up in broken homes. Their parents have abused, neglected or abandoned them.. then forcing them into homelessness or gangs. Most of these children's fathers are in jail themselves, then having a negative influence on them. They act out in anyway to get attention. I watched an episode on Lock Up of a boy who at the age of 3 was put in foster homes because his father attempted to murder him and his mother stabbed her boyfriend 47 times. Although this is vulgar, it's real life. I feel like people live in the American Dream bubble and never realize what is going on just 3 miles down the road. These kids deserve the world. Some of them find benefit in Juvies by finishing their GED. Some get out, and end up right back in the Juvy a few weeks later. Some learn that their lives need to change and they need to make something of it by getting an education and starting a career. One day, I want to know & be proven that I changed the life and future of a child, even if it is only one; that will make me the happiest girl in the world.

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  1. britbird.. you might also think about going into teaching. Similar concepts except you also are teaching them tools for future success. Consider it. Some schools let you go for a social work undergrad and then a liscensing program for your teaching liscense. =] love you.