Saturday, January 29, 2011

I just have to share

I have some of the cutest cousins on this planet. I haven't met the two littlest baby-loves, Westyn & CJ but I still have so much love for them. Our family will be visiting this summer when Paige gets off her mission!

 These boys are my mom's brother, Keith's, babies. Colton, Gabe, & Westyn Castner. How precious!
             These blue-eyed babies below are my mom's other brother, Bryan's, sons. CJ& Jax
I can't wait to see them along with the rest of my amazing family. Both sides of my family are filled with lots and lots of cousins, I love dearly. It's hard to have spent most of my life in a different state then where each is located but I still have soo much love & adoration for every member. Especially the little ones! I would post more pictures these are just the one's who have some up on facebook! I tend to look through these a little too much, but I enjoy having a smile planted on my face.

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