Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 06 - A place I've been to. A picture of and a story about somewhere that I’ve been to.

              I've been a lot of places over the years, fo' real... so I feel this 'topic of the day' to be pretty broad. I was going to pick my most favorite vacation which was with my dad's side of the family to Destin, FLorida. Paige and I met thee cutest boys from Kentucky. Actually my mom saw us eying them on the beach, proceeded to yelp out "HEY BOYS COME OVER HERE AND "CHILL" WITH MY DAUGHTERS, THEY THINK YOU'RE HOtTTt!" At the time, being 14 or so, this was embarrassing; I look back at it now and should have thanked my mother, but instead we rolled our eyes and hid our blushing faces. They had accents like no other and put on country concerts for us from the balcony of their condo. It was an unforgettable trip that ended with an evacuation of the tourist town because of a tornado warning or earthquake or something that never ended up happening. Anyway, this is NOT my post answer. I wanted to post pictures from this vaca' but it was back in the days when digital camera's were nonexistent.

The next best trip was with my sister Paige and good friend/family friend Emily Messmer. This was a well thought out & planned trip. Emily lives in Ohio and decided she would fly in to DFW and start our 7 day road trip to LA, VEGAS, & onto Rexburg, Idaho where me and Paige would be starting fall semester of school at BYU-I.
We spent a lot of time on the beach. We were able to stay with one of my most FAVORITE girls in the world, Jenna Mettra. We tried frozen yogurt for the first time, fell in love with IN & OUT, as well as 3 soccer players from England.
Hollywood day was amazing. We shopped for hours, walked Hollywood Blvd, and ate lots of food. People used to call me Hollywood; i think i thought i was going to be famous one day or something... & yaaah for doing absolutely nothing. It was a blast though, we got pulled over for being blonde, listened to the same cd about 2358792347394 times on repeat, and were on our way to Vegas coated with bronzed skin and sand-filled suitcases.
Our next stop was to the one and only SIN CITY. Here we stayed with the sweetest, nicest, most personable girl ever, Rachel Dickson. She gave all of us makeovers, as you can tell. We all thought we were the hottest things on the strip. Between the creepers singing karaoke and the "inappropriate card-passer-outers" I think we just may have been. We stayed the night at Circus Circus, took too many pictures, and got a free limo ride around town.
This trip was one that will be remembered forever.  Road trips are one of my most favorite activities to do. I love girl time, along with dressing up& looking my best, and taking a million pictures that will last a lifetime. It really was a bonding, week-long moment that made me realize I was not in high school la la land anymore. This trip was my breaking point of adolescence. I started my first real engagement in a book & learned how to work with a budget. To top it all off the realization that Rexburg, Idaho as my new home was an emotional experience in itself. All in all if I had the chance to go back to the first day of this adventure I would in a heart beat!! I really hope there is a 'too be continued' to this amazing trip.(:

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