Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 05 - The bad habit. A habit that I wish I didn’t have.

I wish I didn't have a habit of starting something & never finishing it. I start SO many books, get soo into it, set it down to do other daily activities and never finish it. Sometimes I will leave the book in my bed so I will remember; it obviously doesn't help because at this very moment I am staring at 'The Five Love Languages' by Gary's screaming "GET OFF YOUR MACBOOK FOR A MINUTE AND JUST READ ME!" I have failed to follow this order.. or my post would have just ended. I also start movies... & either fall asleep, take my attention to something else, or just turn the movie off. I really think the whole point of the movie is the middle, the most exciting scenes, but the ending is what everyone waits for. I guess I am odd. I also start projects, letters, or hobbies and usually end up dropping them. Maybe I am just lazy...or get bored too easily. .

Most likely I will not finish this 30 day 'Questionnaire about myself'. sad
i'm bored of it already

What's up with the World really though.... Dead birds & fish in Arkansas? I started the movie '2012' & never finished it.

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