Monday, January 3, 2011

day 02

The why. Why I started blogging and the meaning behind my blog title

I started blogging because I was bored with facebook, honestly. I was constantly on others blogs & tumblrs, looking for fashion tips & ideas, reading about interesting people and their 'amazing' lives, or enjoying the creative photography & self portraits.

I love reading a personality through bloggers posts. I like to figure someone out through their pictures, phrases, opinion, & choice of font.

The meaning behind my blog title. My name is Brit.
The meaning behind the quote "I am a Daydreamer, Although I may seem Aloof, I am paying attention" goes all the way back to my teenage years. My sister always said I just sifted through life. I kinda went with the flow and thought life didn't have to be as difficult as others made it out to be. There was one day our family was at the airport and as you know there is SO many things that need to be printed off, payed for, gates to go through, numbers to remember, bags to be picked up, etc. I finally was just OVER the whole air port process and screamed "WHY CAN'T WE JUST FLY. Seriously get on the dang plane and let's GO!"

I now realize life is not that easy and my mind set is completely different then as my sister says "jussstttt fllllyyy". I still seem aloof, airing, or inattentive to others but I promise, I am paying attention. My thoughts are never ending. I read people easily. I am a very good listener. I remember odd physical features of people. Ask me about our conversation 5 years ago and I can remember where we were, what we talked about, and what we were wearing.

The daydreamer part is self explanatory. I am a daydreamer. I live in la la land & never want to leave.

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