Monday, October 18, 2010


was the most necessary day needed.
my good friend Alysha & I went shopping for Cute-Chemo-Comfys(: and if you know me i love cute. and i love comfys. I probably won't like chemo all that well but i think we are going to get prrrretty close over the next year. we're going to become the closest of friends. chemo will see me at my worst, my best, my happiest, my saddest.
never will it break me though. so bring it chemo, i guess you must not heard bout' me.
the name is Brit Con-ley
dear chemo, the cocky side of me just came out. I apologize.

we also ate sushi. some of the best.
i had a Happy roll. Cause I am a happy bird.

my new name is Britbird. so spread the news.
i'm spreading my wings. ya'll spread the news is the new trend to do so with my news right (;?

my room is finally coming together. i love it. when i do have the 8 hours of the night after working 12 hour days i get to escape to this what feels like a 'fairy tale treehouse' my two Huge windows open to the tops of trees... little birds voices waking me up every morning.
that is unless my brother decides to belt john mayer songs or something lame.
i still love him and his new black beauty F-150 truck.
i am enjoying the new addition to the family, and taking secret joy rides in her

I'm also enjoying my new job as a hostess at Coal Vine Pizza & Wine. and as always my job as a receptionist at Cold Water Creek the Spa. Smiling from 9am-930 pm is becoming a habit whether working or not. my brain naturally blocks out any negative, sad, judgmental( you name it) thought. I have to solve others problems. I am having to worry and cater to their needs. Whether its helping find the right shade of blush, pulling the woman's wallet out from her purse because her nails are drying, or finding the perfect table for the beautiful couple to share wine over. I see so many different types of people and families. It makes me so grateful for my own, but also so intrigued by how other people work together. How they hold themselves. How careless they are about $100 bottles of wine or $440 worth of massages and product they just purchased. How they dress, talk, and how happy they are. Both of my work places make people leave feeling happy. I mean come on a Spa Day package, or pizza and some wine? Who wouldn't leave happy, although I would replace the wine with lemonade or something non-alcoholic.
did I mention my discount.

ok, enough, again. I just am counting my blessings every minute of everyday. i repeat in my head constantly when i start to feel sad "It could be worse. Some one is always worse off Brit. Count your blessings name them one by one. Count your blessing see what the Lord has done."


  1. Dear BritBird,
    I am so sorry to hear about your new friendship with Chemo. You are my new role model. I can't believe how positive and happy you are. I admire you 100% for it. If there is every anything, anything at all I can do for you please let me know. You will most definitely be in my prayers.

  2. I loved what you said about the different people you get to see every day - I love stuff like that... I'm such an observer and always try to figure out other peoples stories!

    Okay, chemo WHAT? What happened?

    And just for the record... when I went to hit "post" the security word that came up was "sewshies" - between that and your post... I'm really wanting some Sushi now!