Friday, September 24, 2010

life is a beach, i'm just playin in the sand

Have I mentioned how much I love my life? I don't know if i have lately.

But Blogspot for real now,
I love everything..for some reason this past month- Everything in my life. Even this new unexpected factor for the rest of my life.

Have I mentioned how much I love my job?
I work at The Cold Water Creek Spa in SouthLake (an extremely wealthy area in DFW)
I get to answer calls, set up appointments, sell clothing/product, multi-task, stand for 6.5 hours, & smile all day.
Oh and receive FREE Essential full body massages, eucalyptus foot soaks, one-of-a-kind in-bed pedicures, the NEW shellac manicures, facials, an amazing dicount (; and much more.
Let's compare notes people. I have thee best job.
Oh and just got another one. in South lake as well. they told me they would love to add my face to the crew hahaha. I will be hostessing a few nights a week at a pizza/wine parlor for the wealthy, beautiful people of Texas.

I live in the most beautiful place known to man. I have the most beautiful people surrounding me with the best hearts and care for me that I have ever seen & felt.

Life is amazing no matter what curve balls are thrown at me. I now know that I can handle a n y t h i n g. I can fall asleep smiling no matter what news I received that day. My friends are the most incredible people on this earth. no, you can't steal them. They're mine. my new friends are fun. ya'll make me giggle and hyper.alksjg3uto5ijygg

oh and ordering $150 worth of items from was the best idea i had this week. HUGE boxes full of things I forgot I ordered was the perfect surprise waiting on my bed for me today.
thanks daddy(:

I moved my room upstairs. Two HUGE windows bear of drapes & the TEXAS sun beaming into my tumblr-like room..
i'm bragging too much (;
thank you, world.
thank you people who care. I couldn't get through my life with out you.
I love each of you unconditionally and appreciate the love
and Paigey if you can read this, this week...
i LOVE YOU so much. 6.5 more months babygirl till we take on the woooorld

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  1. this post makes me happy. i am happy you are loving life. it's nice when changes like than happen. miss you so much girlll :) loves.