Thursday, September 30, 2010

the day before

I'm starting to get used to these crisp-white ceilings and walls. I start to form birds out of the oddly shaped scribble scrabble on each panel. Some times I swear they fly away. and I smile for them.. cause we have something in common.
I'm starting to trust men again. But for now.. only the one's in the white jackets holding a clip board. I believe him when he says he will take care of me.
I'm starting to have a stronger testimony in prayer.
I'm starting to read and search and understand.
I am starting to smile at the other's waiting, knowing that our age difference is HUGE but we share something even 'huger'
The clean smell doesn't get to me anymore .. I appreciate it. I know it has it's purpose.
I also appreciate the scars now. They will never be ugly to me. Although they are hidden I find them beautifully life changing.
Tomorrow is the day.
I love my family. & by family I mean the 328590852 people who love and care for me in return. I do not know how I could possibly give thanks enough.

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  1. u are amazing brit iloveyou. keep me posted pleeease. ur in my thoughts & prayers XOXO