Tuesday, August 10, 2010

you know the song hits when you have chills the whole run and its 105 degrees outside.

We touch, I feel a rush, we clutch, it isn’t much
But it’s enough to make me wonder what’s in store for us
lust, it’s torturous, you must be a sorceress, cuz you just
Did the impossible; gained my trust.
don’t play games it’ll be dangerous

Cuz I been treated like dirt before ya
& love is
evol, spell it backwards I’ll show ya (evil)
Nobody knows me, I’m cold, walk down this road all alone
It’s no one’s fault but my own. it’s the path I’ve chosen to go

I’ll do whatever it takes, when I’m with you I get the shakes
My body aches, when I ain’t with you I have zero strength
There’s no limit on how far I would go, no boundaries, no lengths

Why do we say that until we get that person that we thinks
Gonna be that one, then once we get them it’s never the same
You want them when they don’t want you, Soon as they do feelings change

It’s not a contest and I ain’t on no conquest for no mate
I wasn’t looking when I stumbled on to you, musta been fate

And I woulda did anything for you
To show you how much I adored you
But it’s over now, it’s too late to save our "love"



  1. I like your blog. You have great thoughts! It's nice to know that there are other people thinking out there :) and the fact that I commented on this post is completely arbitrary, it was the first one that was around when I clicked the "comment" button.

  2. wow that means a lot, really
    Glad to know they are appreciated!!
    We should like collaborate our ideas..

    write a picture book or somethin (; HA

  3. Totally! Ok...you work on the content, I'll supply the photos. We'll meet up in Utah, or texas, or somewhere. Why don't we find a neutral location. Rhode Island. I heard that New England is wonderful in the fall.

  4. you should think about Texas.
    I'll be here for a good while cause it trreats me good.

    i might move to California as well with Amy

    but really.
    think about it kristopher orr
    i'm a free bird