Thursday, August 12, 2010


they say he's all over town
why don't I ever seem to run into him
I think we could get along
very well (;


  1. hahahahhaa brittkitttttttttt. must i say idk how old this post is. but if u do run into him, well i dont think he is free lol and i am IN LOVEEEEEEEEE with him hahah so i would be very honored if you told him that you have a great friend who would love to meet him ((: hahahah. and u could give him my number lol <3 i loveeeeeeee you xoxoo

    i dont know how to post as my name so its me doshieeeeeee (:

  2. hahahahah i KNEWWWW it was YOU riiighttt when I clicked on this cause i knowwww how Much you LOVE him!!! I seriously go to everyspot that I hear they are attt!! NEVER caught them yet but I am still on the hunt! I will let you know RIGHT awayy! I love and miss you babygirl(:

  3. hahaha its me again. welll of course u would know its me hahaha i mean who else rightt (:

    well find him and im SURE his eyes will be glued !!!
    loveeeeeee uuu gorgeous!
    i misss uuu <3