Thursday, August 5, 2010


livin' the mellow life.
cutting things and negative people out-by-the-minute.

i need to simplify more than ever & if feels good to have the courage to do so

I have been extremely quiet lately. keeping my words to a minimum.
I enjoy staying quiet, calm, and collected.
I am a thinker
not a talker

prayer is making me a stronger person.

I want to start a hobby.
I want to run.
and do yoga
or start cooking
something new, fresh, and relaxing
along with Blogging (:

I have done wrong, to more then one
No one deserves to be treated poorly. no one

my moma compared me to a "s.o.s pad" the other day. Yes, the r o u g h, hard sponge you scrub pans and pots with. It is true. That's why it hurt the most to hear.

this rollercoaster will eventually be a lazy river

I miss the innocence.

I miss singing
I miss being young and feeling reckless.
I miss feeling like I had a lifetime ahead of me.
I miss not making decisions
not planning for the future
i miss dancing in my room a lone
i miss staying up alll hours of the night
i miss sneaking out
i miss being free

I have so much to give.
so much
So thankful to have this time to take off. I love to be able to separate from the world. Learn how to smile again. Teach myself about myself. Figure out my future goals. Become a stronger member of the church. Love unconditionally. Feel beautiful. serve.serve.serve

I am preparing myself mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically, to be a strong woman. Getting a good head back on my shoulders. Reading books. Growing up. So one day when I find him, I will be good enough, perfect enough for him.

carefree. bliss.summer time

florida was amazing.
sun kissed toes, shoulders, and a freckled nose.

not a distraction in the world.
clear mind
laughs till i cried
sand in my book
june grass in the shower
alarm set for 8 am

absolute bliss

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