Thursday, August 19, 2010

sissy's Birthday!

It is Paige's birthday today!! She is 22 years old. She is currently on a church mission trip in Concepcion, Chile until April/May of 2011! Paige and I have been best friends since day one of us being sisters. I have always been her little shadow. When we were younger I would follow her around and do whatever she did, whether it was trying on our mom's lingerie and making home videos, letting her practically shave my head in my mom's hair cutting room, years of singing backup of her karaoke performances (after begggging her to not make me), or playing 'house' me being the servant character. Things have most definitely changed over the 20 years but what remains is that she is my role model, best friend, and the best example of how I want to be, that I have in my life. She is one of the funniest girls you will ever meet, and she is not afraid to show that side. She couldn't catch onto a beat if you payed her, but that girl can carry a tune. She is so talented in so many different categories. She lights up a room, "there is something different about her, something intriguing," I've heard from many people. She has always been the one pushing me to do better, be better, and feel better. She has taught me a lot about life, relationships, love, and our Heavenly Father. She hates tension and will make things better RIGHT away when in an argument now matter if the other is ready to make mends or not.. She is always the one I run to when in need of advice, a scripture or talk from church, a hug, money, a GOOD laugh, or an outfit to wear.
Lately people have been asking me what the differences are between me and her. They say "well Paige likes this, or Paige would of, or Paigeeeee" Yes, I know that, she ISs my sister. I know her better then anyone. hmmph! I know some think we look like twins, some think we have the same voice, and some think we have the same personality but in reality we are complete opposites in a sense. Let's just say Paige is the dog of the family. She is playful and loving. Paige loves to be around people, she is extremely outgoing. Paige loves to be the center of attention, in a good way. She is always taking lead in any chance she gets. She is a go-getter and extremely friendly to everyone. She is very scatter-brained, creative, artsy, and a cluttered girl! Paige knows what she wants in life and will achieve that no matter what. She is beautiful and constantly strives to be more Christ-like everyday that passes. I admire my sister more than anyone else in this world.
I, on the other hand, am the cat of the family. I am the quiet and at times, shy one, yet I can be very Sassy. I need tender loving care. I enjoy my alone time and will come around when I want to. I stay organized and find it easy to fall asleep at any time of the day but could stay up all night wandering around. I am probably more sensitive then Paige and can be danty. If I am not to fond of you, you will know. I love to be taken care of and when I find some one I love I will treat them with endless love in return. I do not like to be the center and I do not like ALOT of attention, that is unless I'm dancing (; jk

My first semester of college at BYUI was with my sis. She was the one who encouraged me to go to school 1,500 miles away from out home in Texas. We lived together and even shared a bedroom so we could make the other bedroom open for CLOTHES & MAKEUP, some of our favorite things(:
Paige and I also had a class together. This class was Astronomy. Science, yuck, one of our LEAST favorite things. We drove to school in the frigid weather every mon. wed. & fri. to that extremely difficult class. We each took turns who would scrap the ice off of the car and heat it up prior to the 2.7 minute drive to campus, it was mainly her doing the good deed because she can throw her purple glasses on, not put on an ounce of makeup, resort to a camouflage hoodie 5 minutes before class and STILL look cute. A story that explains our relationship is when we were put in the same group to do a powerpoint presentation on the planets, stars, atmosphere, & whatever Astronomy is anyway. Now, we had 2 weeks to prepare for this 200 point project. Paige and I were in the "closet bedroom" one day getting ready, as I looked around at the room, that showed a floor full of piles of clothes and shoes, Paige says to me "You clean the room and do laundry and I'll do the project."
That is exactly what happened.
Sparkling clean room and an A on the project were the results (;

Paige and I work together perfectly. We are each other's half. Whatever one struggles or lacks in, the other has strength in. We have been through a lot together through moving 4 times throughout elementary, middle school, and High school, stupid break ups/ stupid boys, fights, deaths of family members or friends, outfit crisis's, emotional break downs, ROUGH jobs, really everything.

I love her to death. I love how smart, genuine, happy, amazing, encouraging, uplifting, and all around good person she is. She will be home in 9 months! I am so excited for what is ahead of us. We plan on traveling the world, going on service trips, trying out BYU Hawaii for a semester or two, and marrying before were 25, having children at the same time, and being next door neighbors ((:

I know you can't read this Paige, But I LOVE YOU. my SISTER. my BESTFRIEND
I give thanks for you in my prayers e v e r y single night. I do not know WHERE or WHO I would be with out you.

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