Sunday, August 15, 2010

makes sense in my head

what a different world I live in.

i don't stay out till 2 am partying.clubbing.wasting the nights away 'wasted'
i stay out
sitting on the porch.
going on drives.
studying lyrics.
reading a book.
or my journal entries from when I was 7 until now.
writing writing writing.
looking at blogs for hours to find ONE photograph or quote or thought that can describe my current mood. just to feel the satisfaction of knowing that someone else relates.
sitting in my closet.
or just laying in my bed. reflecting on life. literally, everything in life

I feel I am just making time pass. but that's all I need right now. time
they say, "time heels. all it takes is time.
give it time."

well, okay. I will

I kind of love it.
I kind of love being alone, on my own
I love knowing I have such a strong support group
I love knowing that I can be mature in a situation, now.
I love that I am not afraid.
I love that anything can happen now
I love that my future is a canvas and I can paint it however I want now
i love that I still believe.
& I love whoever is reading this.

p.s blasts from the past have got to go
life goes on.

I am a happy, happy girl (:
oh and I'm dying my hair. yeeUp

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