Monday, August 23, 2010

e a s y

It's the small and simple things that make my day.

- little brother coming in, on his first day of school, giving a kiss on my cheek for ME to have a good first day of work.

-compliments on things I feel are flaws

-A wave from a passer by
that's Texas.

-A dinner waiting for me to indulge after a long day of haaard (; work

- An article from the New Era (church magazine)
that I then can share with my family for our family time on monday nights

-my moma trying to play plumber for my out-of-town dad for the flood upstairs

-messages from me blog sites they know i'll lovvve. Which I do, thankyou(:

-a call from a Friend on a drive..
because she wanted to converse about pointless topics (;

- A song written for me from my creative sis

-bright smile's and cute laughs from the little girls I babysit

-An email from a stranger about interest in my life. my beliefs. my religion.
something I have never experienced ? something that felt safe. new. felt good.

- a dress in the mail, I forgot I ordered hahaha

-an invite for snow cones(:

-1979 BMW motorcycle rides with my favorite, hair blowing in the Texas air

-new phone. zero contacts

Loving the simple things. Thank you World
This list could go on.. but i'd feel like it might become a brag list
I recommend putting together a list like this everyday
every week or every month..
I start to forget the small blessings when "large" ones aren't thrown in my face
no wonder.

Why play with fire..
Life is so much better without it

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