Friday, July 9, 2010

Rachel Palmer

I miss this girl.
So much.

There are no words to describe how close we are. The words & phrases we use with each other are only understood between the two of us. She is my bessssst friend. BEST. REAL. MRRF.

Although she is thousands of miles away, we have honestly been through everythinnnng together.

She understands my thoughts more then anyone I have ever met. Half the time we talk it's because we are going through the same exact thing. Or having the same thought when waking up in the morning.Or at 2, 3 , or 4 am.

I love rae soo much. I know we have two different lives. with two different plans. and two different states. we literally share one heart. one mind.

The hardest laughs I have ever laughed. the craziest times i have ever had. and the most outragious cries i have ever experiences have been with this girl.

Rachel Palmer. I LOVVEEE YOU! i miss you sooo much and can't wait for another countdown. You are beautiful. You are an amaazing girl. You are sooo smart. Such a hard working person. You have a good head on your shoulders and always (in my eyes) make the right choices. You love your family sooo much I can feel the love, as a sister(:

I miss you and I can not wait to be reunited!

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