Thursday, July 1, 2010

leavin townn

I reallllyyy want Nicole Richie's sunglasses here. ASAP.
and her hair. and body. and life

I swear I have been gone, more then I have been present in this town!
I am perfectly okay with that. although I doooo like it here a llot now!

I am going with alll my girlfriends on a road trip down to PROVO , Utah for the whole
Fourth of July weekend!! No plannssss (well one (: ) buttttt just goin with the flow!

Problem is, I have not showered nor packed. And I am blogging about it.

Some thing is wrong with meeee.
I can not wait to get crazyyyy, SHOPPP, tann, go outtt, meeet LOTS of new people, and just have the best weekend ever
on top of ALLL of my best weekend's ever!

It's supposed to be beautiful weather too!
Pictures will be posted soooon((:


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