Tuesday, July 20, 2010

12 a.m

I used to love and enjoy sleeping so much
I couldn't go a day without a nap
I hated alarm clocks and used the snooze button far too often

I now feel the need to stay up all hours of the night
I do not need nor want to take a nap
I wake up without an alarm clock
but to the sound of a lawn mower
birds chirping
or the sun beaming in my window
I moved my bed so my face faces those streams of light
it always puts a smile on my face
even if it is 7:30 am

Leaving this town is so bitter sweet
I will be driving home with my dad
23 hours.
Never done this before
so excited.

I love my Daddy so much
He has provided me and my family with everything we have ever wanted or needed
he is the strongest and hardest working man I know
My dad was raised in a broken family
he traveled back and forth to his mom and dad's house every few months
somehow he made it out on top &
found my mother, the greatest woman alive
they fell in love Junior year of high school
they dated for 5 years before getting married
he baptized her into the LDS church at the age of 18
and were married in the Chicago Temple 3 years later
they have built an amazing family, if I do say so myself
They have raised us all to hold true to our values and beliefs
it has been the love of my parents towards us and each other that has made
us the tight knit family that we are and always will be

Our family is divided across the world right now But we all can still feel each other's love
Paige's emails to our family every monday is the high light of my week
she shares miraculous stories with us
some are hilarious. which is just like her to do
she notes the funnies even when she may have had a horrible or hard week
She always has been a positive influence in my life
she is the greatest example for my little brothers and I

I am excited for that day in April 2011 when we all will be reunited
what a beautiful blessing Family is

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