Thursday, June 10, 2010

Love the Way You lie. by Rihanna and Eminem

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn?
that's alright because
i like the way it hurts
just gonna stand there and hear me cry
that's alright because
i love the way you lie
i love the way you lie(
-eminem & rihanna

These lyrics may be a little harsh, but honestly I haven't had a song hit so hard. I really have been living off lyrics and music recently. The people who love me know what's been going on in my life now for about a month or so.
The ones who know, send me the songs that HELP so much. I Love REAL people.
Thanks for caring
I LOVE all of you so much and couldn't have y'all in my life at a better time.

I am grateful for this experience in my life because it has taught me a lot. A lot about myself and others. It has taught me to not let that brick wall come down anymore unless it is worth it in the end. It has taught me that crying is okay. But if crying happens more then smiles do... It's time to get out of bed and get on with life. Especially if it is a result of what YOU wanted and have wanted for so long but just couldn't let go of the "comfort" because of feeling scared. get ball-zee. haha

look in the mirror. Talk to yourself. Pray.Pray.Pray.Don't wait around for something that is never coming back. The past NEVER does.

thank goodness.

But reminiscing is okay. Remembering and smiling over the good times, feels good. It feels goo to know how lucky I was. I was blessed with someone who made me realize things I want in my future.

Today is a beautiful day. I have never smiled and laughed so much!! It feels so refreshing to be happy again. There is still aches and sprains but knowing those will eventually disintegrate is such a secure feeling.

There are things that needed to be erased in order to feel this good. And I have NO regrets, as of today. I am beginning to not be the girl who holds grudges. I thank a certain girl across the country for this encouragement.

I thank another certain girl across the country for letting me know I am stronger then anyone she has ever met. Now, I do not know how I fooled her into thinking that but I must be a GREAT ACTRESS (; didn't know that was in me. I love you.

And again, another girl across the WORLD. For sending me things I NEEDED, in a time where I was at the lowest of the lows.
It was perfect timing and something I needed to hear in order to feel alive again.

Thank all of you. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Every single person, even those who hurt me. THANK YOU
You have helped me SOOO much. Tears are good at ALL times. Happy or sad, they help.

I am becoming someone I never thought I would be in the month of June, year:2010. It's fun when life takes turns. SHARP turns. I have always liked change. You can thank my Dad's job for that. Moving to four different schools and houses has helped me develop in to a girl I never thought I could become. Every person who has been there for me, even if they did 'hurt' me, deserves a thank you, as well. I am full of thanks huh? dang. haha But really I have never felt this phrase SO much: "Family first." FAMILY will ALWAYS be there. They will catch you when you fall. And get you BACK up. There are people who tell you they love you but in the end it's the family that follows their word. THEY LOVE YOU FOREVER AND ALWAYS. I love my family. My parents are my rocks.

I have been waiting to blog or post anything until I knew I could be truthful with my words.

I'm at the point.

I am loving my new life (:
I am so excited for my new found BEST friends! This summer will be the best. Filled with fun, crazy, exciting times!!

Get me outta here
Cause my eyes are burning
From these silly tears
That you brought when you show me you don’t really care
And you never loved me, someone get me outta this place
Right now
It’s so amazing how you have so many faces
And you are not that person I thought that
I had fell so deep in love with
You changed up your makeup your DNA
I can’t recognize you’re a stranger to me
I feel so betrayed what a waste of my heart and me
-Esmee Denters


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  2. i love you so much BRIT <3 seriously you just made my entire day by reading this !!

  3. I think you should follow the talk to yourself in the mirror a little more and loving the lieing a little less. I been through this and I know how it is. The more you say stuff out loud the more you start to act on it. Love you

  4. haha Cait I don't LOVE the actual l i e s. I just Love that it happened because it made me see a different side of people and so happy to be out of it and where I am now, HAPPY(:

    I love you thoughh your the best!