Thursday, June 24, 2010

late thoughts

This semester has done a complete 360 on me. I love it.
I have soooo many goals and plans for my future! I reallllyyy
have had my mind set on certain things I want to do in my life.
I am considering options I thought I NEVER would. again, back to
Loving change. new scenery. New experiences. New town. New friends.
Old friends, but only thee best.
I can not wait to start fresh in a town where I have never lived. With people
of the same faith. Who share the same values and morals. It is definitely an 'overwhelmingly'
good feeling I have. My mind is constant scatter brain. But this is a plan I am going to follow through with.. I think (;
I am getting my associates this semester, here at BYUI, heading home to work a little
and then most likely moving when I can't take not being on my own haha. Moving and starting new. I am so excited. I can not wait to share this experience with some of my BEST FRIENDS. I am so thankful to have had certain 'trials' in my life to have brought me to this stage. I couldnt ask for a better outcome.
If anyone needs advice I am so willing and ready. The advice I have to what I needed to hear from someone else.

I can't wait to see my family in ONE month! I will be in TEXASSSS. I love my home so much. I love the weather. I love the suburbs. I love the city. I love the sun. I love the people. I love the happiness. I love the greeeeenness. I love the friendliness. I love the outgoing people of Texas. I love the Pride.

Utah Bound.

75% guarantee.

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