Tuesday, June 1, 2010

best weekend of my life

I just experienced THEE best weekend of my life.

FOOD foood FOoOoDD. Roadtrips and vacations consists of good times and good food. Sushi was our first choice. This buffet was full of the BEST! LOVEEEESS it((((:

Everyone showed their skills on the water(: I showed my nose holding skills!

We went out on the boat on the lake. It was a beautiful 90 degrees,
something were not used to in Rexburg!

Vegas was an absolute blast. Everyone looks soo hott and sunkissed(:

We went to a REDLIGHT sushi lounge in VEGAS!

I Love these girls soooo much!!

We went swimminngg!! I got so burnt:(

We stayed at the NICEST house. With the most adorable little baby girl.

But overall, I had the best time with my friends and the love of my life Michael Land. I am so blessed for these people in my life. I love times like these. I will never forget this trip. Pictures last a life time and I am sOOO glad My camera worked this weekend!


  1. you had a blast, and i am so happy you did. you look gorgeous, as ALWAYS. oh yea and when i go to vegas at the end of this month. i'm going to that sushi lounge, ahhh i hope its way good. LOVEyouu<3

  2. My goal is to look as hot as you once I deliver this baby boy.

  3. hahah monica your soo funny. you are thee hottest prego ive ever seen. and will be the biggest m.i.l.f (;