Friday, May 7, 2010

utah bound

Just planned a weekend trip with Amy, my room mate, to Salt Lake City.
SOOOO excited. this week has been a rough one, so things can only look up from here!
Hope ya'll are having a great friday (:

imm offfff to this beautiful city to do some shoppping, girl time, and the soccer game tomorrow!


  1. make sure you hit fashion place mall. the nordstroms there is fabulous! love you girl and i hope youre doing well

  2. Sad!! You came and didn't tell me. I would have wanted to drive up to say hi. The last time you saw me I was in a bad mood and at a low place in life. I miss us laughing about stupid crap. :(

  3. aww brooke! I thought you movedd??? with yourman. or ex man. haha i knowww I was sad!! but I will let you know when I come if I come again!!

  4. I did in fact move. But I am still in Utah, sadly. He is my ex-man. We are pretty much like a married couple though. How that works... I do not know. :P You must let me know, for sure. :)