Monday, May 17, 2010

I have the best

this weekend has been a rough one.
One I would never wish on anyone
butttt I have learned to take every day, day -by-day
My parents and friends are thee best people I know.
I have never felt the love so much.
I am blessed to be surrounded with such amazing people especially in times of need.
Thank you again(:

tonight is fhe (family home evening) a night set a part for a group of us from our church to get together, relax, talk, eat, and just spend time learning a lesson about the Gospel.
Tonight is Nachos night. A full kitchen table and platter of nachos.

My best Friend Amanda comes on thursday! I am so so so excited!!

Today is a good day
Tomorrow will be even better.

p.s backstabbing people-
im in the process of forgiving you. just give me some time.
im a very stubborn girl :P

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  1. In the process of forgiving? Geeze. I really should take after you more. I have not been able to forgive a certain person for quite a while. I have given up on trying. You and Paige always look so happy. I am def not walking through my life right. :P