Monday, April 5, 2010

oh mondays

Work today went FAST! thank goodness. There are some characters at work, I swear. Its like we all are pretending Yogurt Patch is a High School and we are the DRAMA club. I play the roll of the therapist. I sit and I listen, and i "mhmm" "yeah" "oooo" "ahhh".
and thats about as much as my lines go.

I do not think it is professional as coworkers to be talking behind each others backs like most of them do. I am not saying I have never done it. I mean hey, absolutely NO ONE on this planet can truly admit they have never spoken poorly of another. But my point here is, why?

some talk about each other because it makes them feel better about them selves.
but the question to the rest of us, why do we do it? Do we like to form a bond with those we confide in to hold our "secret opinions of others"?

I just am so ready to be out of the circle of dirty words.

I really DO have some GREAT people surrounding me (that is, outside of work). Everyone loves each other. They all talk highly of them no matter how much they know the other or the lack of knowing them.

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to get an education. To develop a major of something I want to do for the rest of my life. I am so thankful as well, that it is at a Church School where I am surrounded by amazing people my age.

Thank goodness I will not have to end up in the fast food/ frozen yogurt industry. (ha:)ha)

I am going to really miss this little
boy : ( along with every member
of my family. ILY

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