Wednesday, March 24, 2010

yelnoc tirb

SOooO my lyfffe lately :

I work everyday at Yogurt Patch Frozen Yogurt. It is thee cutest little shop in Keller. Its a fun and inviting place to bring friends and family. become a fan :)

I am on break from school until the middle of APril. You see, my school (BYU-IDAHO) has a very odd semester tracking system that seems to work for them, but not for the students who attend. I am home from Christmas until SPring, then I go back in the summer, have a 7 week break then I go back for the fall.

This will be my l a s t semester.

I love it up there though, as far as the atmosphere (people) goes. We choose to live a different lifestyle then most. Every student has signed a contract to obey an honor code. We choose to live a drug and alcohol-free life, as well as abstaining from sexual acts. We are honest in following the teachings of our Church and try and live as righteously as possible. I have become a stronger person because of this school and doctrine of this church that i have been raised in since birth. My school is a religion school. I am considering transferring to BYU Hawaii... yeahhhhhh, why not?? BYU = Brigham Young University. Whom was the President of my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. aka the Mormons-

Besides school and work, I enjoy a lovely life. I feel I have lost my mind, so writing out all the good things, posting happy thoughts/pictures daily, I feel will help me realize how good I have it and how excited i should be for every MINUTE of my life.

Anyway..for those who will even read this, I am not even sure what I will post, when or how often, and why I am even making one.

My mothers response "Why are you making a blog, you don't do anything" HA, thanks.

Im not much of a blogger/writer But MIke, my love, says i need a hobby. Cause i'm a little off in la- la land these past few weeks, maybe months, I don't even know.


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  2. i am definitely taking BYUH into consideration. (: if i get in, make money, and find someone to go with. YES its number one on my list.

    i LOOVEEEE your blog !!