Thursday, March 25, 2010


I feel as though no matter where I am, I will always be missing SOMEONE, if not a few people. I guess that is what moving (4 times) does to you. growing up can also be the blameee. I have some of the bestest friends anyone could ever ask for. Some I have had for years, others I have not even known a year. But lately it's dawned on me to just get over constantly missing someone because where ever I chose to settle down, not EVERY person i love will be there, at least physically. Thank goodness for technology.

Life is good.

Today has been a L o o o n g day. I worked, tanned, then came home and had a much needed Two 1/2 hour nap. I miss having time to take a nap. It's not even that Im SO busy, I just feel as though i don't have ANY time left in the day but then i look around and realize my daily life is extremely lax. Mike is currently building his second fixed gear bike. He sold his first one to be able to fly to Texas to see his babygirl and drive 13 hours to Destin, Florida for less than 3 days. bless his heart. I have it good. I deffinietly have found a winner,but in contrast I am the winner, for somehow holding onto him. It is our "10 month" on saturday! Yippie! Thats actually a long time for Rexburg 'dating time'. Most are engaged and married by 10 months. We're very happy together and I have never felt more secure, excited, happy,in love,comfortable with someone in my entire life (of 19 years). Mike has found a bike shop near his home in Mckinney to make visits at ( alllll the time ;) It's going to look good, i already know. And he will make it look even better!

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